DSB flexible cement-based sealing slurry

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1-component crack-bridging sealing. Flexible, economical and good quality.

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DSB is a cement-based waterproofing slurry for sealing surfaces in sanitary and wet room areas. It is flexible and crack-bridging and reliably protects moisture-sensitive substrates from water ingress.

DSB is applied in 2 to 3 layers. The working time is approx. 60 minutes and the setting time approx. 3 hours. The consumption is 1.6 kg per mm layer thickness. A total layer thickness of 2 mm is recommended.

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Technique: coating
Velocity: rapid set
Granulation: powder
Refractory: non refractory
Frostproof: frostproof
Objektstorlek: 0 - 3 kg 3 -10 kg 10 - 500 kg
Fraktvikt: 5,00 Kg
Produktvikt: 5,00 Kg
Innehåll: 5,00 kg

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