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MOBY DUR® furniture casting concrete grey

Artikelnummer: A0027

MOBY DUR®, the grey concrete for designers. Matchless, economical and good quality.

Kategori: TORRBRUK


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With MOBY DUR® GREY you have a ready for use grey dry mortar with final strengths of over 100 N/mm², allowing you to take your concrete design into your own hands. The high tightness of the material makes it ideal not only for furniture and designer pieces, but also for everyday objects such as bowls and vessels, and in a quality that is reminiscent of ceramics.

MOBY DUR® consists of FLOWSTONE®, an appropriate aggregate and the required superplasticizer. It is a ready mix, just add water. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use other additives such as accelerators or retarders. The fresh concrete can be processed during about an hour and can be taken from the mould after 12 hours at 20°C.

The use of a compulsory mixer is recommended. With the right procedure, a conventional construction site cement mixer can also be used. For video instructions, please click HERE.

A 25 kg bag yields approximately 11.5 liters of concrete. For a 4 cm thick slab of dimensions 1 x 1 m, 92 kg MOBY DUR® is needed for example. Enter the length, width and height of your object in the CONCRETE CALCULATOR below and calculate your exact needs.

You can find the FLOWSTONE GUIDE with other important processing information regarding MOBY DUR® here in the shop as free DOWNLOAD.

You can see a selection of objects that our customers have made with MOBY DUR® HERE. Let yourself be inspired!

With our MOBY DUR® you are buying a high-tech product for a really fair price. Order here in Moertelshop online and take advantage of our cheap shipping.

Compressive strength: 90 to130 N/mm²
Technique: molding
Velocity: slow set
Granulation: grain up to 2.5 mm
Refractory: non refractory
Frostproof: frostproof

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