MARFINO ® PAINT marble cement paint natural white

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Weatherproof marble cement paint for plaster and concrete. Colorfast, economical and good quality.

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Our MARFINO® marble cement paint is the clever alternative to acrylic paints. This paint contains cement as a binder and therefore not only has an extremely low price for its class but also other advantages. It is non-flammable, can be used without any problems even in permanently humid environments and, due to its alkalinity, is absolutely insensitive to mould growth. In addition, MARFINO® paint is extremely low in emissions due to its very small amount of plastic additives and therefore also very well suited for living spaces.

MARFINO® is very easy to work with and is vapor-permeable, which is particularly important for outdoor concrete and plaster. The paint adheres well to old paintings based on acrylic or similar binders and is therefore ideal for renovations. We recommend priming absorbent substrates with our SQ Primer to achieve optimum substrate adhesion. A surface painted with MARFINO® is as dull as stone. That's why we particularly recommend MARFINO® for artistically designed concrete surfaces that should retain their natural character.

MARFINO® is supplied in powder form and therefore can be stored for an extremely long time in a dry environment. For use, the powder is mixed with water and coloured as required by the addition of cement-compatible pigments. The wall paint produced in this way can be processed for at least three hours. The consumption is about 200 to 300 g of powder per square meter for a single-layer job.

OUR TIP: When mixed with less water, MARFINO® is also ideal as a putty for minor repairs and for filling cracks before painting.

MARFINO® is available in natural white (unpigmented). For colouring, we recommend a dose of between 0 g and a maximum of 30 g of our cement-compatible pigments per kg of powder.

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Compressive strength: 20 to 30 N/mm²
Technique: coating smoothing painting
Velocity: slow set
Granulation: powder
Refractory: non refractory
Frostproof: frostproof
Objektstorlek: 0 - 3 kg 3 -10 kg 10 - 500 kg
Fraktvikt: 5,00 Kg
Produktvikt: 5,00 Kg
Innehåll: 5,00 kg

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