Dyckerhoff MIKRODUR® P-U Microcement grey

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Dyckerhoff MIKRODUR® P-U Microcement grey. Clever, economical and good quality.

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Dyckerhoff MIKRODUR ® P-U is a highly refined gray special cement based on Portland cement, specially designed for the preparation of injectable cement suspensions and as an additive in the formulation of high-strength and fast-setting concretes. MIKRODUR ® P-U improves the processing properties of the concrete, increases packing density, strength and solidification speed, enabling the production of high-strength quick-setting concrete.

Recipe recommendations: The use of a PCE superplasticizer is required. We recommend our superplasticizer FLUP®-PCE-343. For the injection procedure (injection of a cement suspension into loose rock) MIKRODUR® P-U is mixed only with superplasticizer and water at w/c values between 0.6 and 2. For high strength concrete formulations, the recommended dosage of MIKRODUR® P-U is 5 to 20% of the amount of normal cement contained and the recommended w/c value is 0.32.

High-strength and ultra-high-strength concretes based on MIKRODUR® P-U can be mixed comparatively easily and do not necessarily require the use of a compulsory mixer.

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