VITO ® instant grout, white

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VITO® self-compacting liquid mortar, the quick repair concrete. High-strength, economical and good quality.

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VITO® is a white, shrink-neutral, rapid-setting and self-compacting fine concrete with high early and final strength. Its fine granulation and extremely rapid strength development make it an ideal repair mortar. It also enables the use of small castings (not more than 2 kg), accessories and utensils with particularly unbreakable edges. By adding our Type A thickener, a smooth-kneadable consistency can be achieved, with which you can also use the laminating technique very simply for vessels such as fruit bowls and the like.

Of course VITO® is also ideal for fine figure casting because it provides a firm, pore-free cast surface.

VITO® grout is easy to work with, almost without shrinkage and reaches a very high strength and frost resistance extremely fast. Due to the rapid hardening, it is possible to make use of the moulds several times a day.

A 25 kg bag yields approximately 11.5 liters of concrete. Enter the length, width and height of your object in the CONCRETE CALCULATOR below and calculate your exact needs.

You can see a selection of objects that our customers have made with VITO® HERE. Let yourself be inspired!

With our VITO® you are buying a high-tech product for a really fair price. Order here in Moertelshop online and take advantage of our unbeatable cheap shipping.

Compressive strength: 50 to70 N/mm²
Technique: molding
Velocity: rapid set
Granulation: grain up to 0.5 mm
Refractory: non refractory
Frostproof: frostproof
Objektstorlek: 0 - 3 kg

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